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Workplace Investigations

Oftentimes workplace investigations arise in the context of a complaint to WorkSafe BC. More employers in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island, however, are turning to private workplace investigators (like those at Bradbury Sippel) to investigate complaints made by employees with respect to bullying and harassment, violence, hostility, racism, discriminatory practices, corruption and occupational health and safety.

Appointed investigators act as a neutral party. They collect all relevant information necessary and provide recommendations to assist the employer in determining an appropriate course of action and helping the employer mitigate risk.

Workplace investigations must be performed as quickly as possible after the employer learns of the complaint. This ensures that important evidence is collected before it is destroyed or before memories fade. Bradbury Sippel is available on short notice, weekends and evenings to complete workplace investigations, whether in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, or elsewhere in British Columbia.

The process of a workplace investigation is fairly static. The investigator usually starts by interviewing the employee who reported the complaint. If the complaint is against another employee, that employee will be interviewed as well any any potential witnesses to the event complained of.

Once all information has been collected and all witnesses interviewed, the investigator prepares a concluding report outlining the obtained information. Recommendations will be made to the employer. The employer ultimately makes the determination of what to make of those recommendations and whether or not consequences should be imposed on the offending employee or if there are alternative solutions to addressing the workplace conflict.


Travis Sippel is one of the leading employment lawyers on Vancouver Island. He works with both employees and employers on a variety of employment matters, including employment contracts, workplace policies and procedures, wrongful terminations, constructive dismissal claims, workplace investigations and human rights complaints.

Travis Sippel can be contacted by phone at 1-250-824-2423 or via email at

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