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Resignations and Early Termination by Employer

Unfortunately, providing a generous amount of notice that you are leaving your job is not always rewarded. In fact, it is becoming commonplace for employers to terminate the employment of an employee who has provided notice before the end of the notice period.

What happens when an employee provides two months notice, but is fired before the employee's provided end date ? While the answer can be intricate and a lawyer should be consulted immediately, the employee is generally entitled to the lesser of an amount that equals the remaining notice given by the employee or the amount the employer would have to pay the employee if they had decided to terminate them.


Travis Sippel is one of the leading employment lawyers on Vancouver Island. Located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, he works with both employees and employers on a variety of employment matters, including employment contracts, workplace policies and procedures, wrongful terminations, constructive dismissal claims, workplace investigations and human rights complaints.

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