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Rabnett Costs Decision

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Following Bradbury Sippel's trial of December 2021 involving a claim for injuries arising from a motor vehicle accident by Stefan Rabnett [Bradbury Sippel's Recent Trial Success] the Court has ruled on costs. The Plaintiff had sought damages in the amount of $2.4 Million. Prior to trial the Defence had offered to settle the matter for $258,000 plus costs to date. The award, after statutory deductions and including pre-judgment interest, was ultimately $252,002.99. The Court awarded the Plaintiff his costs up to the expiry of the offer, and denied his costs associated with the two-week trial in the matter.

We’re proud to have correctly valued the case. Insurers who are looking for experienced counsel who will accurately value cases and defend their valuations through trial are encouraged to contact Bradbury Sippel.

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