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Builders' Liens and Deadlines

Subcontractors, contractors and workers can file builders' lien claims in British Columbia if they are not paid for work performed or materials supplied on a project. The lien is registered against the title to the property where the construction was performed or the materials were supplied to and can provide security for payment.

Many contractors, subcontractors and workers, however, wait too long to seek advice about a builders' lien. Pursuant to the Builders Lien Act, SBC 1997, c. 45, one only has 45 days from the start of a "triggering event". Triggering events can include the delivery of a certificate of completion and abandonment or termination of the head contract or the project, among others.

The 45-day deadline is inflexible. It is important that legal advice be sought in a timely manner following a triggering event to ensure a valid lien can be filed.

The lawyers at Bradbury Sippel in Nanaimo, British Columbia have extensive experience with builders' liens and construction litigation and are available to assist with preserving your rights under the Builders Lien Act, or otherwise.


Nanaimo-based lawyer Travis Sippel at Bradbury Sippel can be contacted by phone at 1-250-824-2423 or via email at

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